Walmart + T-bone steak = Crap

I bought a T-bone steak this evening from the local Wal-mart Superstore. I have been hesitant to buy meat from Walmart but since the steak was almost a pound and less than $8 I figure it is worth a try.


I can’t drench enough Worcestershire sauce on it. There is this awful aftertaste with a lot of salt. I wonder if they drench their meats in some sort of tenderizer with preservatives. What ever they do, it tastes nasty.

I have had better steaks frozen from Aldi’s!

Recommendation: Never ever buy meat from Wal-mart.

I believe they don’t have a true meat department because they did not want their meat department employees to unionize. That is up to debate, but it certainly ruins what could be a pretty good one stop store.

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  1. langley says:

    HAH you fool. of course you don’t eat meat from walmart!

  2. kelly says:

    LOL!! I just got a t-bone tonight, I ate SOME of it, but it was so nasty I couldnt finish it! I came on the net to see if anyone else ever had this experience. THe meat didnt even taste real!

  3. Angelo says:

    Wal-Mart is now going into the organic market. It will be interesting to see what cost cutting measures they deploy to screw that up.

  4. ray says:

    steak sucks, pork ok chickin good chickin

  5. Kevin says:

    Just bought some ny strip from Wal-Mart last night. I broiled it, and as per usual, added a little salt and pepper before doing so.

    It looked okay, maybe a little lean in the middle (strip should be somewhat marbled) but it tastes like a mild sausage. It does not taste like steak. I’m pretty sure it was pre-seasoned, maybe soaked in brine or something.

    Very weird. I will not be buying steak from Wal-Mart again. They’re prices are low, and I’ll continue to buy regular packaged goods, but no more fresh meat.

  6. Don says:

    Not really a T-bone

    Super Walmart
    Cortana Mall
    Baton Rouge LA

    How’s this for cost-cutting!
    All the “T-bones” in the case had half a “T” with the tenderloin side completely cut off.

  7. Eckah says:

    I bought a Filet of beef & cooked it on the BBQ-no matter how much I cooked it ,it was still bright red in the middle! I got out the wrapper & the directions? said cook till juices run clear & steak will retain it’s rare look! How & why would that be? It tasted like horse or I don’t even know what!

  8. N. says:

    Bought two Domenico steaks from Wal-mart. Seasoned and then cooked them in my NuWave oven. Those bad boys were great!! Nice and tender and good flavor. I haven’t tried their other cuts yet.

  9. Ron says:

    I found out also that their steaks are salty!

    Then I read the bottom of the package and the are filled with Salt and preservatives.
    I don’t know that their technique of salt saturation worked as the steak taste old and chewy despite their efforts.

    I have had tougher steak but none that tastes so badly with the salty flavor coating the roof of my mouth and drowning my tongue.

    That is just plain bad food!
    Wal-Mart should be ashamed of their cost saving measures on that bit of stupidity and arrogance. Seems like all you can buy there are canned goods and products of some one elses preparation.

  10. Brenda says:

    Just cooked two sirloin steaks from Walmart. They were so nasty, my dog wouldn’t eat them.

  11. Paul Greiner says:

    I’m a steak lover and have been for 60 years. I bought steak a couple of times from Walmart. It was disgusting. I asked the meat guy there why they add the salt solution. He said they do that to all their meats. I told him it was a terrible thing to do to good beef. So if any of you people out there wonder why Walmart steaks taste like, sausage, jerky, or corned beef, it’s because they soak them in brine. They stick a fancy label on the package that says Steak House and pass this crap off as being gourmet. Yuk.
    P. Greiner
    Franklinville, NY

  12. Angelo says:

    I see Wal-Mart has a new campaign on TV trying to sell their steaks as “new” but obviously nothing has changed since my T-bone steak experience 4 years ago.

  13. Mike says:

    I got a NY Strip last night and it had the taste and texture of pork. Very odd , also the last steak I will every buy from them.

  14. Dr Rick Lippin says:

    I am a doctor who tried a WALMART steak and just wrote to WALMART CEO Michael Duke. These steaks are probably not fit for human consumption. They look fresh but are not fresh meat.

    Dr. Rick Lippin

  15. Steak Lover says:

    Thank God I thought it was me! That had to be the worst ” N.Y. Sirloin Strip Stea……I dont even want to call it steak. It didn’t even chew like steak. WalMart WTF? Stick to clothes they probably taste better than your piece of meat that you pass off as steak. Whadda rip off!!!!

  16. Jessica says:

    I went to Walmart in Elkton Md and picked up two rib eye steaks for 15$ we cooked them up and they tasted like ham? so we returned them and got NY Strip steaks.. wow wouldn’t you know they tasted like ham. so i got my money back..lessons learned!

  17. lucienzo Vivaldi says:

    It was like eating the dung of a hippopotamus…….

  18. Jewel says:

    Well I know what you mean! We purchased 2 strip steaks and cooked them on the grill. They tasted and had the consistency of HAM. Now I know that cows and pigs are 2 different animals….what’s UP!? We bought steaks from Walmart one other time and they were just as bad. We thought we would give it another try…..hmmmm….never again! Two strikes….Your…..OUT!

  19. Chucky Cheese says:

    Why don’t the Feds check into Walmarts meat department and tell us consumers what is going on? Don’t we have a right to know what we’re buying?

  20. Sue says:

    and here I am making a mistake of trying to eat one of these things they call steak… It is all preservatives as they are shipped in from other states and especially from the state of Tenn… As mentioned above it feels like ham, tastes salty like beef jerky (but worse)and YES ALDI’s has a better steak than good ole Wally World

  21. Leah says:

    OMG. I was very reluctant, but it looked like steak and although the “vegetables” in the produce department looked like they had been chewed up and spit out, I was in a hurry and thought we would give it a try. I had recently been to one of the most prestigious steakhouses in the country and had filet mignon, so maybe my expectations were a bit high. But, it still should have tasted at least a little like STEAK. I am so disgusted that I will Never again buy meat or any food that is put out by Walmart. Such poor quality and completely unhealthy that it should be banned. If it was a restaurant, it would be shut down by the health department!!!! So sad for Walmart who used to be interested in quality. Just because people who shop there want to save money doesn’t mean they should be abused by being enticed into buying nasty, salty, brine soaked meat!!! My advice, add more years to your life and avoid Walmart’s “food” like the plague.

  22. Deb says:

    Walmart has not changed. All their meat comes in already butchered and
    wrapped. They add salt to all their meat to increase the shelf life and increase weight. $6-$10 a pound for salt water anyone?
    That just makes Walmart meat taste nasty unless you love tons of salt.

  23. Rachel Newcomer says:

    I had sirloins last night, I still feel Sick to my stomach from this experience. I feel awful for feeding this crap to my child. I looked this up to see if anyone else felt this way,sure enough. YUCK. Ham, good description I guess. It seemed fake.

  24. B.Pimpin says:

    its not real meat. I would like to get a refund, but i FORCED myself to finish the NYSTRIP to teach me a valuable lesson. LESSON LEARNED.

  25. Jay says:

    We also bought steaks from Walmart and like all you have said it ‘s like ham and no matter how long you cook it it still is red in the middle of the steak..My wife likes her steak well done so I kept it on the grill a long time wondering why it was still red so you can imagine what her steak was like when she tried to eat it..Mama was not happy and that will be the last the last steak from Walmart I will buy and if I am in Walmart and see some poor soul fixin to buy one of their steaks I will warn them…

  26. aj says:

    I bought some strips from walmart recently. Tasted fine to me.

    The “20% preservatives” label will ensure i don’t buy them again, but they tasted damn good. You guys are prunes.

  27. Nao U. Kno says:

    I’ll assume the only reason no one says anything is because most companies are paid off, I looked at the reviews on the food channel websites and they say after their “taste test” that they are indeed choice steaks. But if you watch the channel on tv you’ll notice several Walmart ads so obviously their reviews are bought. And that sounds disgusting that it’s meant to “have a rare steak look” after cooked I wouldn’t doubt you can get cancer or something from the chemicals they put in them to do that an preserve them.

  28. sean says:

    Wonder if they are makin g steak with meat glue and stew beef?

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