Welcome to Compiled Weekly. In the next week, you will get to listen to Angelo Mandato cover a wide range of topics in the open source development community.

What is Compiled Weekly?
Compiled Weekly is a weekly podcast for open source developers. Topics include PHP, MySQL, wxWidgets, NSIS and more. Each show will cover at least two topics. Some shows may also include brief interviews, web site, book and magazine reviews. Each podcast will have plenty of show notes and web links so you can learn more.

Why listen to Angelo Mandato?
Angelo is a veteran programmer analyst with vast experience in a wide range of software and web development.

After receiving his Bachelors degree from Kent State University in May of 2000, he went on to work full time at the United McGill Corporation. At United McGill he developed many Windows applications ranging from entry systems, label printing, custom HTTP cache servers, and PDF printing applications. In addition to Windows development, he introduced C++ CGI programming to the company and later implemented web applications utilizing Apache with PHP and MySQL. Such web applications include a Document Center, a HTTP authentication system, and a Qmail E-mail auto responder entry system. Angelo’s technical skills are also employed at United McGill assisting technicians with setting up and distributing hardware and managing RedHat Linux and Microsoft servers.

In 2002, Angelo co-founded Spaceblue, a software and web development firm, with his long time friend Brian Yuhnke. Even though Spaceblue is a part time business, Angelo gained valuable experience with additional open source software and web development. Angelo has independently developed many Windows applications including Venis (a Visual environment for the Nullsoft Install System), Lunarmark (A bookmark synchronization program), PingLookup (a host name/ip address lookup and ping utility) and HotPop (a pop3 E-mail checker). He has contributed code to many open source projects including Gubed PHP debugger, SciTE, and wxWidgets. Angelo has had his share of web development projects too. Some web sites include miresearch.org, likemyride.com, nickinsurance.com and podcasternews.com (available sometime in November, 2005).

Angelo’s well rounded knowledge in the world of open source development makes him the ideal candidate to host Compiled Weekly.

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