Smoking May be harmful but maybe not so much for you fruity eaters!

Yes, if you smoke you can cut your risk of lung cancer by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.
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But wait, a 31 year study has found that cutting back on the amount of cigarettes you smoke decreases your risk of lung cancer.
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This is all fine and dandy, but what the hell is going on here? I think these are examples of data manipulation. Let me make an example:

Title: Deaths cut in half by doubling highway speeds
Well yes, research spanned over 31 years has discovered that by driving faster and getting to where you need to go will result in less likely of death in driving. Wow, who would have thought that by decreasing the amount of time I spend on roads cuts my chances of getting into an accident by 1/2. I think I will start speeding right away! NOT!!!

The news press sometimes pisses me off with the obvious. At least to me, when you tell me you loose your milk when you spill it on the ground does not need to be reported.

I bet money a lot of people who smoke and/or support smoking are all going to feel justified. I am sure the end result will be some people who stopped smoking start cause they found out if they don’t smoke as much they are less likely to get lung cancer. Not that this should have been obvious already but the way it was reported now implies a positive to something that should not be.

As far as fruits and vegetables, get with the health program. They proved a long time ago that the best things you can eat are fruits and vegetables. Perhaps they forgot to take into consideration in their study that the people who did not eat fruits and vegetables ate smoked chicken, turkey, ate more food cooked from a charcoal grill, etc… Perhaps fruits and vegetables help strengthen a bodys ability to withstand the harmful chemicals that cigarette smoke have, but no one ever should imply you can protect yourself by eating something else.


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