Macromanagement with no penalty for failure

Our President uses a method of management called Macromanagement. He picks people to run different aspects of our Government and then leaves the decision making up to them. This is most likely the most effective way to run a large business, organization or government. But there is one aspect missing in this management style. A fast and firm reaction for failure.

I have seen a lot of things that have been done wrong for the past few years. The latest has me boiling with anger and tears.

Why is our system for the safety and security of all citizens so slow? Is this how fast our military moves for homeland security issues? What if a bunch of small boats full of rebels floated up the Mississippi River and invaded our country? Would the Military take 3 days to mobilize?

I herd the argument tonight that the City and State should have been responsible for this and they should have planned better. True, they could have done a lot of things, such as renting a facility two states North to house emergency supplies, food and trucks that way they could have emergency equipment brought into an area within 24 hours. But doesn’t that duplicate the efforts that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is supposed to provide for us in the first place?

I fear we are being governed with the reluctance to admit mistakes. We cannot make our society better if we do not learn from these mistakes. Reaction to failure first requires acknowledgment of the problem. I was quite excited to hear for the first time on Friday that the President admitted the hurricane relief effort was not enough.

I hope he takes the next step of macromangement and starts firing the people he appointed who were responsible for this slow mobilization.

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