Blogging mad I tell you!

This is wild, I just posted 3 things to my blog within a 15 minute time frame. I am blogging mad!

I got a new multimedia keyboard today at work. It is a Dell product, and it functions pretty well.

The down side? So far I keep getting a bad impression of Dell. I am sure most of the problems are our fault, like yesterday we received an order of keyboards and they were not USB so they were worthless to us. The first bad impression came from our intensions of getting dual monitor support with our systems. We were fooled on their web site that you needed to order ATI video cards in order to achieve dual monitor support. On the contrary, when purchasing the ATI video card for our OptiPlexs we were giving up the ability to support dual monitors. ahh!

Today, we got the first shipment of USB keyboards and they are pretty slick. So what makes me upset this time with Dell? The absence of drivers for the keyboard. Althought the average person can use the keyboard with the default functionality of the multimedia keys, I opt for the full control of the functionality. After some joy that I found drivers on Dell’s web site, I quickly found that they did not work for Windows XP with service pack 2 applied. Agg!!!

This delema had a solution, Microsoft’s tweak UI. I was able to tweak, not very easily I may add, the functionality of the special keys on the keyboard. Woohoo!

Now, to balance this out, I must say I am very impressed with Dell’s LCD monitors. Although the model I am using may not be the best (1905FP), it is perfect for a programmer. The big bonus is the USB hub built in. Very cool. One word of caution though, you will want to avoid plugging your USB keyboard and mouse through the Monitor USB hub. For some reason the system does not detect the USB devices from the hub until windows has booted. You definitely want to connect the vital USB input devices directly into the back of your computer.

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