Chicken Fries? Don’t waste your money

A little over a week ago I got a chance to try these new chicken fries, an exclusive product of a particular fast food chain. I will not mention their name because my impression is not favorable.


I was expecting a large quantity of 10+ fries that achieve the same length of regular fries. These things are really about the length of mozzarella sticks. They appear to have about the same amount of meat that of a chicken nugget, and you pay more per chicken fri when you want a 9 piece over a 6 piece. What ever happened to quantity discount?

These advertisements of products that end up being flops hurt not just this particular chain, but all food chains. I have decided not to go to a restaurant based on a new advertised product. The only exception is Taco Bell, they seem to keep both originality and value when they sell new products.

2 comments on "Chicken Fries? Don’t waste your money"

  1. Fuller says:

    I thought they were pretty good, but I agree you way too much for them. Taco Bell should sold as a narcotic – because that is the type of effect it has on me at least, there is an addictive chemical floating around in their food somewhere – or I’m just fat.

  2. Angelo says:

    Very true, Taco Bell is very addicting. I think I have to get my Bell fix at least once a week!

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