I have just come to realize how important drive is to ones self. I personally motivate myself by setting goals and rewarding myself afterward. My biggest drive lately is to own a really fast, fun to drive car. This drive is sometimes obsessive, sometimes needless, but definitely necessary for me to accomplish great tasks.

Tonight I game to the realization that I can’t afford to buy a new car this fall or following spring. I could buy it the old fashioned way and get a large loan that requires large monthly payments, but I am too pratical to accept that.

I discovered that giving up the quest for something effects my drive. Just after I came to the realization that I should not buy a new car this year, my drive to do things diminished. I don’t want to clean the apartment, I don’t want to work on software. I don’t even want to type this blog. 🙁

I have come full circle with the realization that I must return the idea of getting a new car this fall/spring. The idea of someday having may just be better than the idea of giving up.

The Big Picture
I believe the need to reward ones self is a maturity issue. The older we all get the closer we come to realizing that our accomplishments are not judged by what drove us to do them, but what significance they have to others. The idea of leaving something positive for future mankind gives me drive, but I am not yet mature enough for that to be my main source of motivation. I aspire someday to reach that point in my life.

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