There’s another Munster!

Many moons ago I worked for Little Caesars pizza. One of their best kept secrets (not really that secret) was their cheese. We used to grind it fresh every morning and man was it good. Around the time I quit working their in 1995, they started using prepackaged cheese which lacked that fresh taste that it used to have.

About 6 months ago I made a home made pizza. I decided to pick up a few slices of Muster and a bag of mozzarella. I noticed the Munster had a slightly colored look to it with red in spots. When I remember Munster it was a slightly different shade of mozzarella, but I did not think anything of it. I made my pizza, it tasted great and I didn’t think much about it till now.

I looked up Munster on the web tonight and found the Munster Little Caesars is Americanized (or bastardized if you prefer) cheese. It is made from pasteurized milk, where the real Munster that I used recently on my pizza was real Munster made from goats milk.

This leads me to think that Little Caesars pizza may have tasted even better long ago. My theory is, the original cheese recipe called for Munster cheese. Once Little Caesars wasn’t so little, someone decided to save some money and buy Bastardized cheese rather than purchase the more expensive real thing from France. So now I wonder how good a Little Caesars pizza would taste if it had real Munster cheese. I tell you what, the pizza I made a few months ago with the REAL Munster tasted pretty darn good, and it didn’t even have that great crust that Little Caesars had.

Doesn’t this make you wonder what other products used to taste better before they bastardized them to save money?

Learn more about Munster cheese here:

2 comments on "There’s another Munster!"

  1. Mat says:

    weird. i’d always seen it spelled “Muenster”

  2. Angelo says:

    That is true. The wiki you linked to refers to both spellings.

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