Congress Looks to Cut Funding for Public Broadcasting

Please call or write (Don’t E-mail, E-mail is most likely to be ignored out of the mediums of communication you can send) your local house rep and state senators!

House Republicans have put funding for public broadcasting on the chopping block. They say their action isn’t related to ideological concerns. The move comes at a time when public broadcasters are confronting allegations of liberal bias.

More details available here:

Again, please act!!!

2 comments on "Congress Looks to Cut Funding for Public Broadcasting"

  1. KH says:

    Do you blame them. Much of Public Broadcasting is Very Liberal. Why would a Republican Govt want to support that?

  2. Angelo says:

    They will support it if you write your senators and let them know they will not receive your vote for such a decision. If you feel the news and information is bias then you can either not write your senator or write your senator what a great job they are doing.

    My view is NPR and PBS news is very balanced. Its style typically conveys atleast two points of view if not more. Perhaps Some of the commentary of NPR and PBS is bias but keep in mind these public organizations are heavily influenced by universities. The concept is diversity and culture. Perhaps if religious organizations rather than universities influenced NPR and PBS you would have a different view. Would religious influenced public radio and television serve the whole public better?

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