What, my name is?

I have a real identity problem. Many people know me by two different names. The only thing consistant is my last name. So, who do you call me, Angelo or Tony?

It all started when I was born. I was named Angelo Anthony Mandato after my Grandfather. My Grandfather went by Tony, so naturally I was called Tony from the minute I was born. But not by everyone. My aunt liked to call me Angie, which made me not like my real first name, Angelo. So when I got to Kidnergarden I was asked the ever important question, what would you like to be called. It was a no brainer, last thing I wanted was other students calling me Angie! From that day forth I was called Tony.

Okay, it is not that easy. Every year of grade school the teacher would call me Angelo at first until I corrected them. It was not really a problem till I got to Junior High and had to correct multiple teachers. I struggled with this for a few years.

Then came my sophomore year of highschool. I had two teachers who called me Angelo all through the year even though I corrected them the first day of school. I remember correcting my English teacher, and she said “I will call you Angelo, my husbands name is Angelo and it is such a good name I will be easy for me to call you Angelo”. My shop teacher also called me Angelo out of necessity. He found by calling Angelo rather than Tony it got my full attention. Up to that point, if anyone called me Angelo it was my parents for doing something wrong. So started the seeds of the evolution of being called Angelo.

As my Junior year of highschool started, I decided to use Angelo as my first name. That Spring of my sophmore year I made a number of great friendships that I am proud to say helped change the course of my life for the better. The combination made me decide I wanted to stand out as an individual and what better way than to use the unique special name that I was born with.

Now today I am reflecting on my latest name, Uncle Tony. So now I ponder the question, which do I want to be called, Uncle Angelo or Uncle Tony. I think I will let my neices and nephews decide that by which is easier for each to pronounce. 🙂

I prefer to be called Angelo, but I have no problem being called Tony. Now the question is, can you make a decision? 🙂

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  1. knighthawk says:

    I don’t think thats entirely true. You didnt start having people call you angelo until you went to college. I met you your sophmore year in HS as Tony. All of us from that Gang know you as Tony, It seems everyone after that time know you as Angelo. So I think it wasn’t till college untill you decided that Angelo was what you wanted to be called by. You may have Had the idea but…

  2. Bj, you are right we met in my sophomore year of high school. It wasn’t till my Junior year when I started at the Vocational school that I decided to go by Angelo. Friends from the vocational school knew me as Angelo. If you don’t believe me, ask Brad Colbow! 🙂

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